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Immigration Services

Best lawyer company in Dubai

Hani Al Jasmi Advocates & Legal Consultants has best immigration lawyers in the UAE and our professional team have a great experience and are experts in handling the immigration legal services with utmost care and caution. We do hereby provide the following services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates of the UAE, as our team has a thorough understanding of the immigration law.

  • Visa Assistance:
    Offering expert guidance on visa applications for students, employees, tourists, investors, and families, ensuring a smooth immigration process.
  • Immigration Profile Setup:
    Preparing the necessary paperwork to establish a complete immigration profile for clients, easing their shift to the UAE.
  • Work Permits:
    Assisting with the legal processes involved in hiring migrant employees, including obtaining the necessary work permits.
  • Legal Defense:
    Providing defense services for individuals facing accusations that could lead to deportation, ensuring their rights are protected.
  • Travel Ban:
    Providing travel ban verification and also help in advising and representing clients in removing travel ban in the UAE
  • Court Representation:
    Advocating for immigrants in court if necessary, with a team of experienced lawyers proficient in multiple languages
  • Legal Advice:
    Offering practical advice on gaining legal citizenship and describing each stage of the legal proceedings to clients
  • Diverse Expertise:
    With a team of diverse and multilingual lawyers, the firm provides unique visions and possible solutions for complex immigration challenges