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Family Law Lawyers In Dubai

As UAE's top solicitors for complex and delicate family cases, we offer unparallel legal advice to ensure the perfect outcome for our clients. At Aljasmi Law firm, we provide a reliable and comfortable environment where you can discuss your personal matters confidently. Our family law lawyers in Dubai understand the sensitivity and delicate nature of family matters. Whether you need advice on divorce matters or child custody, we ensure to protect and guard your interests Whatever the situation, having the support of an experienced family law lawyer to guide you in intricate family matters can make a huge difference to your case and help you maintain your confidence throughout the course. We strive to empower and educate our clients to secure their future and build a stable life for themselves and their families. At Aljasmi Law we offer consultations in;

Marriage Certificate: We offer assistance in finishing legal formalities and paperwork to get you marriage registered in UAE. Save your time from being spent in courts, take help from our family law lawyers in Dubai for any legal paperwork related to your wedding in UAE.

Court Marriage: Whether you want to celebrate your big day with festivities or peacefully in the court, AlJasmi Law offers its support in many ways. We help you in legalizing your wedding vows in the court, let our lawyers make the arrangements for the important day of your life.

Adoption: Child adoption is a sensitive and emotional matter for parents which involves approval from certain authorities in UAE. At Aljasmi Law firm, we make the otherwise lengthy adoption procedure easy for you by getting all the necessary documentation ready for approval.

Child Custody: We ensure that your parenting rights are well- protected and you get to play an active role in your child's upbringing. Consult our expert family law lawyers to ensure your maximum participation in your child's life.

Divorce Proceedings: At AlJasmi Law, we understand that the divorce can be a stressful procedure for both partners. We offer the services of our experienced lawyers to make the worrisome divorce process easy for you.

Domestic Violence: Our family law lawyers in Dubai ensure that your dignity is never hurt and due course of action to taken place against the abuser.