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Premier Corporate Legal Services in Dubai - Hani Al Jasmi Advocates & Legal Consultants - At Hani Al Jasmi Advocates & Legal Consultants, we pride ourselves on being recognized as the best corporate lawyers in Dubai, offering a full set of corporate legal services. Our expertise includes company formation and establishment, including setting up branches, representative, and agency offices across the UAE. We provide wide-ranging support for local sponsor arrangements, ensuring whole business operations both on the mainland and within the UAE's free zones.

Our dedicated team delivers personalized, one-on-one service, crafting suitable, practical solutions for investors. We are committed to transparency, providing clear advice and accurately analyzing risk factors to safeguard your business operations. Additionally, with a deep understanding of international practice standards and the complexities of UAE laws and customs, we are exclusively positioned to serve the multi-lingual, multicultural, and multinational fabric of UAE society.

Whether you're aiming real estate, financial, retail, education, pharmaceutical, construction, transportation, telecommunications, health, tourism, or hospitality sectors, our best corporate lawyers in Dubai are very well equipped to handle your legal needs.

Our corporate law expertise includes mergers and acquisitions, investor and shareholder agreements, group reorganizations, and contract law. We also provide arbitration services to facilitate amicable resolutions and offer strategic counsel to prevent legal disputes and lawsuits.

For those seeking the best corporate lawyer in Dubai, Hani Al Jasmi Advocates & Legal Consultants is your trusted partner, ensuring your business blooms among legal challenges and competitive markets. Contact us for unmatched legal assistance and protect your interests with the foremost corporate legal experts in the UAE.

Our firm is also offering corporate legal advice in relation to formation, establishment of companies, its branch and representative offices, agency offices along with local sponsor arrangements in all over the UAE. Our services are spread over the mainland as well as free zones in all Emirates. Our dedicated team gives one to one service and provides tailor-made practical solutions to the investors. We do provide transparent advice to the client and analyze risk factors for their business operation.If you are looking for the best corporate lawyer Dubai, Al Jasmi Law has got you covered. We have the most experienced and learned corporate lawyers on our panel in UAE and aim to provide you with matchless legal assistance to run your business operations smoothly in Dubai and beyond. Having an expert solicitor on your side to handle is critical to operate a business in UAE to grow and create more opportunities to prosper notwithstanding legal obstacles and business rivalries.

We have expertise in all matters of corporate law including merger, acquisitions, agreements between investors and shareholders, group reorganizations, contracts, and many others. Apart from offering the support of our expert bar-certified attorneys to represent your case before the court of law, we offer to play an arbitrary role as well to ease things between the parties. At Aljasmi Law, we believe that not every case should end up in court. We strive to provide our clients counseling on how to avoid ending up in court and how to steer clear of lawsuits and legal notices by arch business rivals. Our best corporate lawyer Dubai will work on every step to ensure that your business is running smoothly without hiccups. We prioritize our client’s time and money and strive to keep them focused on their end goal by share the responsibility of legal matters of the business. In case of an extraordinary situation, we will work our best to protect your interests well and safeguard your business from legal threats. At Aljasmi Law we assist in;

At Hani Al Jasmi Advocates & Legal Consultants we also assist in:

  • Breach of contract
  • Shareholder/partnership disputes
  • Employee/employer lawsuits
  • Consumer fraud
  • Accusations of fraud
  • Real estate conflicts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Investors disputes
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Group reorganizations
  • Restructuring
  • Corporate Finance