What Makes a Good Lawyer ?

Being the best lawyer Dubai is no joke. You certainly need a degree to practice law and become a consultant however if you want to succeed and reach new heights, you must develop some special traits that make you different from the rest of the lot. Being a lawyer means having to deal with a number of people from different spectrums and walks of life. You must be equipped with a talent to deal with everyone along with the challenging situations in the court. In this blog, we will try to outline some of the qualities that are the defining characteristics of the best Advocate Dubai.

Good communication skills

Communication is key for a lawyer. A lawyer must have good written and verbal communication skills in order to be convincing in court. It is the foremost duty of the lawyer to present his/her client’s concerns in the best possible manner therefore a lawyer must be articulate and possess exceptional public speaking skills.


A lawyer must be able to draw reasonable and logical conclusions while observing a situation or information. A lawyer must be able to interpret personalities, arguments, and court orders to build a strong case. He/she should also be in a place to judge their clients to understand their cases and situations well


A lawyer has to have a good ear to listen to his/her client. It is important that he/she show compassion and empathy in order to win the trust of the client. A compassionate lawyer has a better connection with the client that proves beneficial in the long term.

Strong Analytical Skills

A good must possess strong analytical skills to absorb large quantities of information and draw logical conclusions. A lawyer has to read multiple documents and files in order to build a strong case therefore having strong analytical skills is extremely important for a lawyer.


Success does not come an easy way therefore perseverance is key to the success of a lawyer. It takes years of study and passing of critical examination to gain reputation and experience in legal matters. Therefore, a lawyer must remain patient and persistent in his/her efforts to become a successful lawyer.


Law is not a simple science. Sometimes you have to think out-of-the-box solutions and be a bit creative to deal with a difficult situation. The best lawyer Dubai has to have a creative mindset to come up with innovative ideas to help his/her clients effectively.